Great Renunciation which heal the world

One who is suffering and walking along in samsara
Crying and seeking help
Worshiped enlightened Buddha and listened to dhamma sermen which leads to nibbana
We all train our mind and pay homage

Long time ago one lady had a perfumed water bath and she observed great virtues and slept in a golden bed. She had a dream.

That is four devas carried the queen to anothaththa pond to bathe her then bring back her in to her bed. Then she saw one little white elephant with white lotus in his trunk and pamded  bow  three times and then entered her womb.

That blessed lady was queen Mahamaya.

Queen Mahamaya slept in a golden bed
All devas bathe her in perfumed water
After they bathe she slept in a golden bed
White little elephant walking around the bed

This dream which Queen Mahamaya saw was similar to precious son
Prince Bosath son conceived in Queen Mamhamaya’s womb.
Flowers showered and pearl brolly appeared from the sky
This noble day heal the word

Precious Bodhisathwa son was growing up in Queen Mahamaya’s womb for ten months. Queen Mahamaya saw in her dreams that noble prince bodhisathwa was in seated position. The Boddhisathwa who was born to this world peacefully.

Bodhisathwa who known as Prince Siddhartha growing up in a palace and later entered the married life.  At the age of 29 Prince Siddartha saw something he has never seen before. 

What would you think of the decision about life taken by a youth at the age of 29 years ?  He had many servants in attention and silk carpets to walk on and a beautiful wife princes Yashodhara like a goddess, and loving parents King Suddhodana and Prajaapathi  Gothami.

He took the decision to leave the palace though he had everything . He made this brave decision of renunciation as it was not a journey seeking for tasty food, palace or the position of king of kings.

Although he was fortunate to be a king of kings why did he leave the palace for renunciation ?

King who wanted to be father for three different worlds and left his son
King who left the palace to meditate (thapasa)
King how do you think like this
King can I have the mind like this

King Sidddartha who might have replied in a  such way

I saw the, ugly teeth, grey hair, unradiant skin
It came to my mind that walking with a stick
Everyone is getting old
I saw the truth of the youth when I saw the old person
Blisters all over his body
Then I knew anyone can be sick
I saw the sick people mourning in pain and in death
To find the medicine for sick I left the palace  

All Young and old will die
When you die your body decomposes
Though you die your hatred, evil thoughts still are cultivating
Just to understand the reality and make others to understand I left the palace 

I saw the noble monk who was walking down by
Then I thought of leaving everything I have 
My mind said that worldly pleasure is a lie
Renunciated on Esla full moon poya day

What would he think when he refused the king ship on a Esala full moon poya day , cut his long hair and dressed in yellow robe then going from house to house for alms with a clay bowl in his hand.

There were many tasty food in the palace but he sacrificed everything for the benefit of the humanity.  May bless you all to have cultivate a mind like the Blessed one.

Above article was prepared on the essence of the  Dhamma sermon delivered by Ven. Dr. Kolonnawe Siri Sumangala Thero.
Budumaga Magazine - Page 15 (December 2003)


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