MADIN MAHA PERAHERA (Procession) 2016

Medin Maha Perahera (Procession) for blessings of the Noble Triple Gem.
Sudovun - Mahamaya Perahera to felicitate parents of Lord Buddha.
Maha Rawana Perahera to felicitate Father of the nation King shree Lankeshwara Rawana.

All preparations are currently in progress for the annual Madin Maha Perahera at Sri Devram Maha Vehera which will be held from 20th to 28th  March 2016,
It is with metta that we kindly request your contribution towards this noble mission.

May the protection of Maha Rawana be with you and May the Noble Triple Gem and Mathru Divya Raja bless you.

Hon. Secretary,
Madin Maha Perahera Organization Committee,
Sri Devram Maha Vehera,


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ත්‍රිපිටක ශිලාලේඛන ආධාර