Sri Lankeshwara Maha Ravana


For this Badra kalpa the earliest human beings originated in the land of Lanka. Those proud Sri Lankans protected the Sasana of Buddha Kakusandha, Konaagama, kassapa and Gauthama created a salubrious environment and generating atmosphere for Maithree Bodhisathwa who would be attained Buddhahood some time later.

It is questionable why we can not change the records of history.   Although there were evidence of 30,000 years old ruins and ossified skeletons running back to 30,000 years and change the history with such evidence. What is the reason not to introduce this true majestic resplendence history to our present and future generation?

According to history we knew that Abhyagiri stupa was worshiped as Jethawanarama and Jethawanaarama Stupa was worshiped as Abhayagiri. However this erroneous situation was corrected on the evidence available on ancient stone slab writings in Anuradhapura, Abhaygiri stupa was renamed as Jethawana and Jethawana stupa was renamed as Abayagiri. In like manner the Mahawansa record that history began from king Vijaya should be corrected as history began from the Surya Wansa monarchy .

We are very grateful to famous archaeologist and historian Professor Senerath Paranawithana for his great work but we are disappointed to note that in 1946 he emphasized that Rama, Sitha and Rawana were just a mental hypothesis and there were no evidence of archeological value to prove their existence.

Several decades before, the late Malwathu Vihara Anu Nayaka,  Most Ven. Abanwelle Siri Panna Sekera Thero, disclosed in a newspaper article that King Rawana’s non-decaying body is to be found in Nuwara Eliya mountain rangers. It is said that Professor Senarath Paranawithana responded saying that it is a lie.

Recently some scholars disclosed with evidence that Rawana is true. Those scholars are Ven. Farther Spense Hardy, Professor Gunapala Malalasekera, Great Scholar Munidasa Kumarathunga, Great poet Rapiyal Thennakone, Arisen Ahubudu, Mahanama Dissanayake, Jayantha Weerasekera, recently researches carried out by Dr. Mirando Obesekera, Dr. Sooriya Gunasekera, Naagoda Ariyadasa Senawirathna, Asoka Premachandra, Dr. P.E..P Deraniyagala, Dr. Shiran Deraniyagala and Dr. Raaj Somadev. Although the evidence is there, powerful people are reluctant to accept it.

History consists of different legends and stories of people. Ancient books or puranas are collective legends passed on from era to era and is accepted by a majority of the population.

The author of Ramayana  has made an effort to show that Rawana was an evil demon and a person who did not observe the five precepts. However the interpretations in between lines the hidden meaning indicate  extraordinary character of Rawana.

Anyone who reads books and articles of Rawana can understand the reality that he was not a person described as an evil demon having ten heads and twenty hands. It is an attempt to take away him from us, King Rawana is the person who cultivated qualities of Bodhisathwao attain buddhahood .

Most Indians have an ancient custom to celebrate a festival called ‘Dusera’  when in  shows a Scare crow of king Rawana is make and placed  on Sri Lankan map and eventually the scare crow is attacked and burnt. It cannot be tolerated by who ever has Sri Lankan blood. At present Sri Lanka is an independent state and Rawana used to be the Great King of Kings. 

According to the Hindu religion the custom called ‘Sathi Puja’ is when the husband died and the wife is compelled to jump in to his performed funeral pyre. The Indian government has prohibited this custom.
Then we argue that as why Dusera which brings disrespect to Sri Lanka, was not prohibited. Who is the person or which is the organization which oppose this despicable act? 

 Appreciation of quality of virtuous people and giving a right place to the right person who deserves are meritorious deeds. Therefore I have contributed my might as possibly I can.
It is our duty to protect Sri Lankan blood especially when there is worldwide looting of genes. If the Sri Lankans are about to become extinct tomorrow’s world will be in the dark.
It is time to show our ancient prosperity and pride to Sri Lankan young generation.

His Excellency the president, Rajapaksha and all commanders and great soldiers of armed forces, who end the 30 years of war in Sri Lanka and patriots please be informed that it is time to rectify the history as well.
Awake race of King Rawana.

Yours Sincerely
Most Ven. Dr. Kollonnawe Siri Sumangala Thero
Sri Devram Vehera,


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