Madin Maha Perahera Meritorious Activity (Madin Maha Perahera Pinkama)

Gauthama Maha Bosath was firstly blessed by his mother in his journey of samsara for the attainment of Buddhahood. This is the story behind Mathuposathaka Jathaka.

According to Mathuposathaka Jathaka a mother and a son went on a merchant trip. In the middle of the sea the ship was caught in a storm. Since the son had determination to save the mother from drowning, he swam off with the mother to the shore and protected her life. The mother was very happy about her son and blessed the son to attain Buddhahood one day.

Source: The Buddhist way of life , Book 1.

It is believed that the relationship  of Bosath Prince Siddhartha and Queen Mahamaya as the mother and son has begun from above Jathaka story and continued life after life.

Lord Buddha has preached that mother and father of Maha Bosath should fulfill paramis (qualities) life after life. Therefore according to what Buddha preached, it showed that Queen Mahamaya and King Suddhodana have fulfilled those paramis to be parents of Bosath Prince (Lord Buddha). When Maha Bosath wanted to be born in the Human world, he had observed (Pasmahabalum) it from the heavenly world. i.e.kaalaya (right time), deepaya (right continent), deshaya (right area), kulaya (right caste)  and  mava ( right mother) .

Then the Maha Bosath realized that the generation of King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya refrained from killing beings, stealing, adultery, telling lies and consuming alcohol. Also Maha Bosath realized that they have kindness, compassion, empathy and ruling the country according to “Dasa Raja Dharma” etc. Hence King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya were the perfect parents of Maha Bosath due to their purity. The chosen mother was Queen Mahamaya. Therefore no Bosath Prince Siddhartha without Queen Mahamaya.

Main purpose of Madin Maha Perahera is as follows:

Mahamaya Perahera and later Sudovun Mahamaya Perahera originated at Sri Devram Vehera to felicitate Bosath parents, King Soddhodana and Queen Mahamaya. Initial thought of having this perahera to commemorate the parents of Bosath prince leading to the worship of one's own parents, originated in the mind of the most Ven. Kollonnawe Siri Sumangala Thero. Therefore the first time Mahamaya Perahera procession at Sri Devram Vehera temple started in the year 2008.

As Bosath parents had their qualities to bring up a son like Prince Siddhartha your parents also have contributed to your life immensely. Therefore commemorating bosath parents will be a blessing for the society as a whole. The Perahera also helped to develop cultural events including Udarata, Pahatharata and Sabaragamuwa dance and many other as well.

Mahamaya Meritorious Activity (Mahamaya Pinkama)

Marriage of King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya took place in the month of March (Madin). Therefore Mahamaya Perahera named as Madin Maha Perahera and celebrated in month of March annually at Sri Devram Vehera Temple.

MEDIN MAHA PERAHERA (Procession)  2015 – Devram Maha Vehera
Medin Maha Perahera consists of other three small scale processions to commemorate/felicitate the Queen Mahamaya as follows:

•    Sarana Mangalya Blessing Perahera /Sarana Mangalaya Blessing Pooja
(To commemorate the marraige of King Suddodhana and Queen Mahamaya and receive/obtain the blessings for couples to be married) –  On 25th March 2015 at 6.00pm.

•    Blessing Perahera for expectant mothers/Blessing Pooja for expectant mothers
(To commemorate Journey to City of Devdaha where Queen Mahamaya went for birth of Prince Siddartha and  receive the blessings for expectant and lactating mothers) - On 26th March 2015 at 6.00pm.
•    Blessing Perahera for new born children/Blessing Pooja for new born children
(To commemorate birth of Prince Siddhartha and returning journey of Prince Siddartha and Queen Mahamaya from City of Lumbini to Kibulwath and receive the blessings for new born children ) - On 27th March 2015 at 6.00pm.

3 Large scale processions on 28th of March 2015 at 7.00pm
•    ‘Medin Maha Perahera ‘  for blessings of the Noble Triple Gem.
•    Suddodhana Mahamaya Perahera’ to felicitate parents of Lord Buddha'
•    ‘Maha Rawana Perahera’ to felicitate Father of the nation’ King Shree Lankeshwara Rawana'

Dhamma articles from Most Ven. Kollonnawe Siri Sumangala Thero
The Buddhist way of life , Book 1


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