It is a must to identify the Journey of Samsara

The sun rises, the sunsets and the days pass. The same is repeated the next day.  But the truth is that the sun is still and the earth, we live in moves around the sun. The earth continues to move around the sun and while it turns one side to the sun, the other side we call it night. The earth takes 365 days to go around its orbit and when the earth completes it, we call it a year. So the Samsara journey goes on with the days, nights and days. Therefore with time childhood passes to youth adulthood, then to middle age and finally it comes to the end of age.
If we can penetrate the world, life is like a theatre and there is no purpose in it. Who is doing the right thing? Life goes on and we make effort to achieve hopes and purposes. One can succeed but hopes and purposes never end.  One must have even more hopes to achieve. Why do those hopes  accumulate?  There must be an objective to live. Without an objective it is difficult to live.  Therefore objectives can be emerged naturally. So life goes on according to our objectives. Time goes on gradually and we’ll be close to evil Mara. Within our body if our life cannot stay with us any more our “consciousness” will go to another place and find another life. This is what we called ‘’dying’.

For an instance we can take a bicycle. If the two wheels, pedals and chain of the bicycle are in good condition it will work properly. If you can stop the bicycle where you want and it will work carefully. But the bicycle can not proceed if the chain is broken or if there is a tyre puncture.  So the bicycle should be repaired and used again. Life also goes through the same process.

Our nerve system can fall apart in our vehicle of life, just like the bicycle.  There are several diseases in our body. Just like we repair our vehicle aren’t we going to repair our body?

All my noble friends, we entered the world along ago. We go through the journey of samsara since along time. We are born in this human world with different names however we cannot live here for long. Maximum life expand is 120 years. Beyond that it is not possible. Then we will move to another body (or create another body). This is not so easy to understand and that’s why time to time we hurt ourselves, we fight and argue with each other because we can’t understand the reality of life.  Why do we suffer life for a short period of time, we came to this world for momentarily and move on to another life and therefore we have to live happily during that short period.

Hurting one’s feelings and causing mental sickness is the worst. One can tolerate body pain. Though the back ache, tooth ache and body pain can be tolerated it is difficult to tolerate the mental sickness. Body pain could be cured in a few days and the one will forget that later. Also the back ache or tooth ache could be forgotten once an individual is cured. But the mental sickness or hurt feelings are unlikely to cure very easily. If it is a mental illness one can even forget or ignore their basic needs such as food, clothes or shelter. If one has hunger he or she might not know how to tell this grievance or whom to turn to. If the individual feels helpless their children or husband could be a burden for them. If one wants to get friendly with us we take it in a wrong way. Therefore stress and depression cannot be tolerated.  One must have stress or depression or mental isolation because he or she is unable to train her/his mind.  Who can change the existence of this world? Who can change the dawn and dust? A natural phenomenon goes on.  Trees grow up, supply food, evaporation and rain happens. In this world everyone has a role to play. What is our role? Just like the trees do their job are we performing ours? Unlike trees or animals we call our selves “Human beings”. What is the task or job for human beings? Human beings have to think and make decisions and they have to be thoughtful. Also they must have a long term vision. Human beings should do their task properly develop the strength to tolerate anything in life. Make an effort to have good strength.


Above article was prepared on the essence of the Dhamma sermon delivered by
Most Ven. Dr. Kolonnawe Siri Sumangala Thero
Divayina Budumaga Magazine (Page 3, October 2014).


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