The Project of Inscription of Tripitaka Dhamma on stone slabs

Sri Saddharma which was orally delivered to the word over a period of 45 years by (by the Lord Buddha) and which constitutes the Tripitaka is being recorded by inscribing on stone slabs at the Devram Maha Vihara for the sake of the future generations as a great service to the Sasana.

A project to record the Tripitaka on stone slabs was launched at Sri Devram Vehera in the year 2006 in order to preserve the Tripitaka Dhamma in this land of the Dhamma.

The Total estimated cost of the project is around Rupees 220 million. It is hoped to complete the project on the Vesak Full moon Poya day in the official year 2011 in order to mark the 2600th year of Lord Buddha’s attainment of enlightenment.

The first task of the project was to select a suitable land for the purpose. Visits were made to several areas of the country with a view to identify a a suitable land; but it was finally decided that the unused paddy land situated near the Devram Vehera was more appropriate. The required land area was estimated to be in the extent of 10 acres and having planned on that accordingly it was necessary to purchase the land from respective owners. Meanwhile there were those who were fortunate enough to donate their paddy land to Buddha Sasana having duly realized the worthiness of this project. As a result the extent of land area of Devram Vehera which was originally about 2 acres was broadened to the extent of 12 acres with the acquisition of the said lands.

At the second stage the discussed paddy land so purchased had to be reclaimed and provided with infra-structure facilities in order to make it suitable for the erection of Tripitaka halls in which the inscripted Tripitaka Dhamma Stone Slabs were to be placed. As of today the entire extent of land area has been filled with earth and infra-structure facilities have been provided thus making it suitable to place the entire 1100 stone slabs. The inscription of Tripitaka Dhamma on the stone slabs also commenced simultaneously with the provision of infra-structure facilities.  

A study survey was carried out in order to identify suitable rock stone for the purpose of making stone slabs. It was revealed that in the event the stone slabs were to be procured from Sri Lanka itself the rock stone found at Labugama was suitable for the purpose. However that rock was found to be still at the primary stage of growth. It was therefore concluded that if a more hard and thick stone was utilised for the project it would ensure that the inscripted stone slabs would last long safely and intact for a duration of another 5000 years.  Accordingly the necessary stones were imported from India. It has been possible as at present to import about 500 stone slabs carved out according to standard size each measuring 08 feet high – 03 feet wide – 04 inches thick and polished.      

The next stage of the project is to inscribe the Tripitaka Dhamma on the imported slabs. The Tripitaka texts as revised by most qualified and learned priests who were guided by Ven. Rerukane Chandawimala Mha Nayaka Thero and Ven. Madihe Pannaseeha Maha Nayaka Thero are being used for the inscription.

Firstly the Tripitaka Books are uploaded in computers. As of today sections of Dhamma Text that are sufficient to inscribe on about 500 stone slabs have been so computerized. Despite the fact that modern technology is used to inscribe the texts of the Dhamma that have already been uploaded into computers the process itself is most time consuming. It is paramount that sections of the Dhamma texts so recorded should be perfectly accurate 100% and therefore the accuracy is given prominency over the time factor in this whole exercise.   

At first the computerized parts of the Dhamma are cut on a special sticker sheet with the use of latest technical equipment. The sheet is then pasted on the stone slabs. After the removal of those portions that are to be imprinted a specially mixed liquid is sprayed with high pressure. Thereafter the remaining parts of the sticker sheets are also removed and cleaned in order to make the slab suitable for display. Currently about 100 stone slabs have been processed and finalized for display in this manner.

Until now most of the time and funds were utilized for providing of infrastructure facilities as well as necessary sheltering halls most of which have been finalized already. As such we aim at placing the first batch of 500 stone slabs at the earliest. The hall required for this purpose has been built already along with the entire construction work of the Tripitaka chanting hall. The highly venerated Dhamma – Chakka Sutta has been recorded on stone slabs and they are placed for display inside the Tripitaka chanting hall. A Hewisi Pooja (beating of the drums) is held in the morning, noon and nigh daily inside the hall.

Very shortly hundreds of Dhamma stone slabs will be placed in the Tripitaka compound of the Devram Vehera. We would like to humbly remind to all those who have worked hard to make this a success that they will be able to behold the noble offering they made towards the Dhamma with sense of fulfillment on that memorable day that will dawn very soon.    

The Tripitaka i.e. Sutta, Vinaya and Abbhidhamma pitaka are being recorded by inscribing on stone slabs at the Sri Devram Maha Vihara for the sake of the future generations as a great service to the Sasana and standard size of each measuring 08 feet high – 03 feet wide  and  04 inches thick.     

Your kind contribution will help to complete this project as early as possible and make available to the world

Donations can be made as follows

One stone slab
Rs: 300,000
One side there of Rs: 150,000
Section of 1/4 Rs:   75,000
Section of 1/8 Rs:   40,000
Per square feet Rs:     7,500

All your donations can be made to Account No:
064010204173 -  Maharagama Branch, Hatton National Bank.

Please Contact Sri Devram Maha Viharaya before you make a donation section of 1/8 or above.

Sri Devram Maha Vehera, Depanama, Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka.

Tel :   
           +94 (0) 114 306 074         
           +94 (0) 112 849 337               


E-mail : sridevramvehera @ yahoo . com






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