The Budumaga  Association

Budhumaga Association Registration No. S-6631

The Budumaga Association founded by most Ven. Kolonnawe Sri Sumanagala Thero from Udupila Temple, Mirissa has become an islandwide organization. At present about 8000 members are engaged in various services under this association. This island wide Budumaga Association is comprised of 8 sections. They function as Pinkam (meritorial activities) organization section, Hospital services section, Publication section, Sil observance section, Sasanika service section, inscription of Tripitaka on stone section, Tripitaka propagation section and Bhikku services section.

Bhikkus undergoing education is helped by the Bhikku services section. This activity is also supported by the Foster Parents Scheme. The Hospital service section which has a membership of about 100 undertakes a sharamadana campaign in a hospital once a month. The Pinkam organization section oraganises meritorial events (pinkamas) while Budumaga sil campaigns are conducted by the Seela observance section.            

The present strength of the membership island wide of the Budumaga Association is around 8000 out of which around 250 are active members.


The 12 point Code of Conduct of Budumaga

1.    As every living being has a right to life we shall ensure that right.

2.    We shall not steal or take unjustly anything belonging to another person.

3.    We shall not indulge in carnal pleasures excessively which degenerates
       the quality of the human behaviour.

4.    We shall not lie. We shall not encourage falsehood anytime.

5.    We shall make the life independent without alcohol.

6.    As a daily routine we shall worship the Triple Gem, chant Pirith and meditate.  

7.    We shall embark on a peaceful life through a purified mind.

8.    We shall pay homage to parents, teachers and elders regularly.

9.    We shall endeavour to resuscitate the social values that are in the decline.

10.  We shall abandon westernized habits and follow our national way to life.

11.  We shall help the destitute.

12.  We shall strive to restore the land of the Dhamma which we had in the past.


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