Building dedicated to Mathru Divya Raja

The building dedicated to Mathru Divya Raja is situated in this sacred premises; this being the second building in the world so dedicated.

Queen Mahamaya who gave birth to the Bodhisatwa Prince Siddhartha subsequently became Mathru Divya Raja. Queen Mahamaya passed away 7 days after the birth of Prince Siddhartha after which she was born in Heaven as Mathru Divya Raja.

In India there is a Devala in the ancient city of Devdaha, her place of birth where Mathru Divya Raja is worshiped by paying homage to noble virtues of mother as well as boundless maternal love. The building standing at Devram Vihara is the second Deva Mandira. Most venerable Sri Sumangala Anunayaka Thero is of the view that Goddess Pattini who is venerated and paid homage by the Buddhists as well as Hindus for over thousand years is non other than Goddess Queen Mahamaya. Ample evidence is available in this regard but this is not the right moment to discuss all that.

The city of Devdaha in Jambudveepa (India) is a holy place blessed by the enlightened one. A stone statue of Mathru Divya Raja alias Queen Mahamaya which has been cast by using the rock found in that city is erected at Devram Vehera. The statues of the gods of Kataragama and Vishnu have been placed in the room adjacent to it. It is believed that the Deva Mandira has lot of supernatural powers. We have seen that numerous poojas being offered by all kinds of devotees such as women expecting babies and people seeking to heal the sick children.

Poojas are conducted at 6.00 p.m. on Saturdays. Whatever merit earned by you by worshiping Sri Devram Maha Vihara may in turn be offered to the Goddess Queen Mahamaya along with all other accompanying gods and let us pay our homage with due devotion to this great viharaya.


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